Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid facilitates The Work of Byron Katie with individuals, groups, schools and businesses upon request.

Life happens

How do we deal with it?
I found a powerful tool.
Experience it for yourself,
so that it is not a concept,
rather an ongoing
moment by moment practice.

What is The Work of Byron Katie?

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About Tammy

Leading Individuals and Businesses to their own greatness, undoing what’s in the way. Tammy is straight to the point, achieves results and facilitates with compassion and understanding. She knows that giving people her wisdom is interesting, yet not life changing. She facilitates to lead others to find their own answers – the only way for change to be real and then lived.

Tammy is a registered teacher in QLD and NSW. She has worked for Autism QLD, Education QLD and across private and public sectors. By age 26 Tammy had completed University, spent 3 years travelling and working overseas, returned to Australia, became a Bank Manager for Westpac and then the first female General Manager, within a division of AE Smith & Sons. Her early corporate success was a result of her knowledge that she could do anything. She holds this belief for everyone. At age 27 she left the corporate industry because she wanted to make a difference in the world and decided to do this through teaching, letting children know they could do anything.

Tammy first experienced The Work of Byron Katie in 2004, thanks to a workshop run by Rosie Stave called “Loving What Is?” which is also the name of Byron Katie’s book. At that time, Tammy attended the workshop to be more at peace with life’s circumstances.

“My circumstances did not immediately change, however the way in which I was in those circumstances did. I found I didn’t need to do anything for that to happen, no “to do lists”, rather I do The Work and I experience a new me: more peaceful, more able, more willing, until I am not and then I have The Work.” – Tammy 

Since then Tammy has found The Work such an effective tool in her life. She is passionate about sharing The Work of Byron Katie. For Tammy The Work is a process that can give people their own answers. A tool for self-realisation. It is a way to find peace with you and with the world. For more information visit www.thework.com


“I first met Tammy in one of my Workshops over 10 years ago.  Since the beginning Tammy has been passionate about The Work and made it an integral aspect of her life and living.  She has clearly born the fruits of her commitment.  She is a joy-filled inspiration and a gift to work with. Her  authenticity shines.  I am excited and delighted that she has decided to share this gift (The Work) with others.”

Rosie Stave, Certified Facilitator – The Work of Byron Katie www.theworkwithrosie.com

” Thank you for a freeing session on Tuesday. I felt like a weight has been lifted off me. It was great to meet some other parents and hear their issues also.”
Mother of two boys, Business owner.

“Really appreciate your extended meeting and  different approach.  So good to meet people who are top of their game, can run a discussion like that and mould it to suit the emotions/needs on the day, instead of following a set script. You need to know your stuff for that. Still a ways to go, but am loving the start.
Thanks again, and I look forward to the future… which I thought was pretty set in… and now see it evolving.. exciting!”
Business Owner, Husband, Father of Two Boys.


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