Doing What Works

“Your nature is truth and when you oppose it , you don’t feel like yourself.  Stress never feels as natural as peace does”    Byron Katie

Would you like to be free from stress?

Do you seek greater clarity, peace and freedom?

Tammy facilitates The Work 

The Work is for those who want peace, for those who are tired of suffering, for those who know the answers lie within them and no longer want to seek outside themselves for that which is found within.  

“As long as you think that the cause of your problems is “out there” – as long as you think that anyone or anything else is responsible for your suffering – the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of the victim, that you’re suffering in paradise. So bring the truth home to yourself and begin to set yourself free.”  Byron Katie, Loving What Is

When the mind is full of stressful thoughts it is difficult to enjoy life or think clearly.  Decisions become impossible, confusion familiar and emotions can take over.  Emotions are the effects of believing a stressful thought, not the cause. Deal with the cause and find peace.

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Come and hear about The Work of Byron Katie: a way to inner peace. You know peace is an inside job – so how do we do it?

This is the “how” This way is practical, simple and it works, all you need is an open mind.

SATURDAY 5th MAY 2 – 4pm $20



Tammy Reid shares a way to stress less about what happens in life and experience greater peace with yourself, your circumstances and others.

Cost: $20 (must book and pay by Friday 4th May)

Eventbrite - Peace of Mind: The Work of Byron Katie

For more detailed information about this method of self inquiry call Tammy directly on 0417708388  go to or come along and experience it!


PEACE OF MIND: The Work of Byron Katie

SATURDAY 26th & SUNDAY 27th MAY 9am – 5pm


What if you could find a simple way to embrace life with joy, stop arguing with reality and achieve serenity in the midst of chaos?

This weekend is a Mental Cleanse, an undoing of the mind, decluttering, creating space and opening to Peace.

Peace of Mind as I define it is when there is no internal struggle within yourself. You are at Peace with you, with others and with the world exactly as it is.

Over the weekend we do our inner work. Peace is an inside job.
We only deal with the Stressful Thoughts – (keep the Peaceful ones!) Discover a way to Manage Stressful Thinking in any Circumstance. Deal with the cause: thoughts.

Tammy facilitates an Inquiry Based Stress Reduction technique known as “The Work of Byron Katie”. Byron Katie would say “it is not what happens to us that causes stress, it is our thoughts about what happens.”

The Work is a process of identifying the thoughts that are the cause of stress and questioning them. A simple method that anyone can use to untangle difficulties in work, love, family and at the same time it opens the deepest connection to your unconditional loving self. We ask and answer with the heart.

Tammy is passionate about making this simple yet powerful method available to everyone. The Weekend intensive will give you the foundation in the practice which you can then facilitate for yourself. The Work is meditation and you will enjoy relaxation over the weekend as you enquire into the depths of yourself to discover the knowing always available to you. No teacher needed, no advice given, no problems solved. Tammy through her experience of ‘The Work’ will share this method with you.

A safe loving space for you to unravel – it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you.

For more information visit or call Tammy directly on 0417708388 to book your place for the Weekend.

Cost: $250 (includes a yummy lunch)

Earlybird: $220 (Pay by Direct Deposit before April 30)

BOOKINGS & PAYMENT: To receive your Invoice with Secure Payment Options send an email to

Eventbrite - Peace of Mind Weekend Workshop: The Work of Byron Katie

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES/CONCESSIONS: Tammy does provide concessions to those in need who would like to attend – please phone her directly on 0417 708 388 to discuss.

About Tammy

Tammy Reid

B.A. (Honours), Dip.Ed.

Tammy Reid founded Doing What Works for peace of mind. 

Tammy is a joy-filled inspiration who speaks from the heart.

 She shares The Work of Byron Katie, an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process, for you to discover your own truth.

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple way to question the thoughts that create your stress, to meet reality with clarity and relate to yourself with loving kindness and peace, ending the inner turmoil which is so often the cause of stress.

It is rare to find someone with Tammy’s diverse life experience. In the midst of a corporate career in her 20s (Bank Manager, General Manager), Tammy chose  to become a Teacher. Amongst her 17+ years working with children, parents and educators she also became a Yoga Teacher in 1999 and a Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Therapist in 2011. Her continued success is due to her belief that she can do anything. She holds this for everyone and works to remind others to live the life they want.

In 2004 she discovered The Work and continues to use this method daily.  In 2016 she founded, Doing What Works to share this method for Peace of Mind and Self-Realisation.

Tammy first experienced The Work of Byron Katie in 2004, thanks to a workshop run by Rosie Stave called “Loving What Is”, which is also the name of Byron Katie’s book. At that time, Tammy attended the workshop to be more at peace with life’s circumstances.  Since then Tammy has found The Work such an effective tool in her life, she now facilitates this simple method. As she says:

My circumstances did not change, however the way  I was in those circumstances did. I found I didn’t need to do anything for that to happen, no “to do lists”, rather I do The Work and I experience a new me: more peaceful, more able, more willing.” 

Tammy has made The Work of Byron Katie  an integral part of her life and living. She facilitates with compassion and understanding.  Her genuine love for people is felt.