Doing What Works

A simple method that anyone can use to untangle difficulties in work, love, family or community. Going inside to solve problems outside.

Doing What Works to find your smile again if people or circumstances disappoint you. Learn a practice of Self-Inquiry that will allow you to access the wisdom that is inside of you.

You may be living a life that falls short of the kind of life you had planned and would like to be content with the life you have or create the life you want. Doing What Works to identify your limiting beliefs and question them can radically alter your life as we can only live to the extent that we can perceive. So, if you want to change your life it is totally possible.

 Working with Tammy …

Tammy brings a simple method of Self-Inquiry to anyone with an open mind, undoing what’s in the way. We know that stress and worry are futile, yet how do we stop? The Work is the How.

The Work of Byron Katie, is a simple method to find your own answers within. Simple questions guide you to your own truth. As a facilitator of this practice, Tammy provides a space and her experience of The Work to assist you to sit in the practice and move towards Self-facilitation.

When there is no internal struggle within yourself, you are at Peace with you – exactly as you are, with others – exactly as they are and with the world – exactly as it is.

Doing What Works can radically alter your perspective

Reporting Peoples comments about The Work of Byron Katie and its effectiveness
SOURCE: The Work of Byron Katie (Official Website)

“As long as you think that the cause of your problems is “out there” – as long as you think that anyone or anything else is responsible for your suffering – the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of the victim, that you’re suffering in paradise. So bring the truth home to yourself and begin to set yourself free.”  

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Events with Tammy Reid online weekly

Clarity & Peace of Mind with Self-Inquiry

Self-Inquiry is the practice of questioning the stressful thoughts which are the cause of any discontent. Whether you are facing challenges at work, in relationships or you are seeking a stronger inner connection with yourself, this practice will facilitate clarity and peace of mind, despite your circumstances. All Welcome to join all events offered each week!


All you need to do is turn up – exactly as you are. Whether new or experienced in The Work of Byron Katie all are welcome to join all events. Join on time or arrive late, either way you are welcome. Tammy will facilitate the process and you choose to observe or participate. Those with a willingness and an open heart to look within will be facilitated by Tammy Reid. Everyone is included.


Your choice! You know your circumstances and what you can afford. This is what I do for a living so if you find it valuable please support the continuation of these events by contributing. Click on the links to pay by PayPal or to transfer into my Bank Account – please contact me for my Bank details by emailing or simply text me +61 417708388. Thank you for your support and willingness to look inside.

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Based on The Work of Byron Katie. Identify and question stressful thoughts using this Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction Process. MORE INFORMATION


These online events will be facilitated by Tammy Reid.

Tammy Reid founded Doing What Works, as it is her desire that everyone experience a more peaceful world inside and out.

Tammy facilitates an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) process, known as The Work of Byron Katie. A simple way to question the thoughts that create stress.

“It is not what happens to us that causes stress, it is our thoughts about what happens.”


Tammy trained to facilitate The Work of Byron Katie at The Institute for The Work, the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie, and is Qualified to serve on the Helpline for The Work of Byron Katie. Twice a graduate of The School for The Work, Tammy has also had the privilege of doing The Work directly with Byron Katie.

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The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie, is a method now being used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The Work of Byron Katie is an experiential modality, in which stressful thoughts are identified, expressed and questioned, resulting in an awareness of projective identification. It can be a daily practice.

Byron Katie offers everything for free at

   The Work is a way to understand what’s hurting you, and to address the cause of your problems with clarity.  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to look within. 

The Work of Byron Katie is a practice – not a quick fix.

It is an ongoing and deepening process of self-realisation. It is a practice to support you throughout your life whenever you experience a stressful thought. You will never speak to anyone more often than you speak to yourself in your head. The Work offers a way to live with a kinder mind.

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The Work  is a simple, yet profound, process of Self-inquiry, consisting of four questions and a method called Turnarounds. It is a way to meet your mind with understanding, rather than attempt to control or change it.    

The Work: An Effective tool for Mental Wellbeing

Research shows “The Work of Byron Katie” (IBSR) is an effective tool for wellbeing and a way to reduce burnout.

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to change the world so that they can be happy. This hasn’t ever worked, because it approaches the problem backward. The Work gives us a way to change the projector-mind-rather than the projected. It’s like lint on a projector’s lens, we think the flaw is on the screen, and we try to change this person and that person, whomever the flaw appears to be on next. But it’s futile to try to change the projected images. Once we realise where the lint is, we can clear the lens itself. This is the end of suffering, and the beginning of a little joy in paradise!

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“Your nature is truth, when you oppose it, you don’t feel like yourself. Stress never feels as natural as peace does.”

Byron Katie