Doing What Works

Doing What Works to live a life you love!

A simple method that anyone can use to untangle difficulties in work, love, family or community.

Learn a practice of Self-Inquiry that will allow you to access the wisdom that is inside of you. Doing What Works to find your smile again if people or circumstances disappoint you.

 Working with Tammy …

Tammy brings a simple method of Self-Inquiry to anyone with an open mind, undoing what’s in the way. We know that stress and worry are futile, yet how do we stop? The Work is the How.

The Work of Byron Katie, is a simple method to find your own answers within. Simple questions guide you to your own truth. As a facilitator of this practice, Tammy provides a space and her experience of The Work to assist you to sit in the practice and move towards Self-facilitation.

When there is no internal struggle within yourself, you are at Peace with you – exactly as you are, with others – exactly as they are and with the world – exactly as it is.  

“As long as you think that the cause of your problems is “out there” – as long as you think that anyone or anything else is responsible for your suffering – the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of the victim, that you’re suffering in paradise. So bring the truth home to yourself and begin to set yourself free.”  

Byron katie

Reverence Retreat

Welcome to the Reverence Retreat 2020

Reverence Retreat

A time to go within, retreat, deeply respect yourself and develop a reverence for all things.

Live-In Retreat APRIL 14-18, 2020

A Transformational Retreat to revere all that you are. Explore limiting beliefs and open into areas for your wellbeing. Learning to Love all that is within and all that comes your way – transform the way you perceive yourself and others.

CLICK Below for more information on what is on offer Reverence Retreat Daily Schedule:

4pm Tuesday 14th April3pm Saturday 18th April, 2020.


***SHARE Accomodation in Twin Room

Couples Welcome = 1 Room left!


Support for Participants throughout the Retreat: Marnie & Nathan Healey (Both Facilitators of The Work)


Couples Welcome

INVESTMENT is inclusive of Accomodation, Food, Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions including 90min Massage:

SINGLE $2020 * – only 1 left!


INVESTMENT is inclusive of Accomodation, Food, Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions including 90min Massage.

” Reverence Retreat – a space to Relax, Transform & be supported with deep respect and loving kindness

Retreat Facilitator: Tammy Reid

Join Founder of Doing What Works and the Creator of this Reverence Retreat, Tammy Reid, as she facilitates The Work of Byron Katie & the Evening Healing Sessions. Twice a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, Tammy is an Approved Helpline Facilitator for the Institute for The Work, which is the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie. Fortunate to have been facilitated twice by Byron Katie in-person in Ojai, California, Tammy brings her extensive experience.

Retreat Facilitator: Liz Kerley

Liz Kerley

Liz Kerley will be facilitating Family Constellations during the retreat.  Family Constellations restores love to the system, another way to find a deep yes to life, to acknowledge family dynamics and entanglements so to accept all that happened, as it happened.  Liz lives & works in Byron Bay, offering private and group sessions using Family Constellations and The Work of Byron Katie. Liz has studied many different Integrated Healing systems in Australia and overseas.

Retreat Team:

During the Retreat you will also be supported by Shauna Cason, Marnie & Nathan Healey, Yoga Teacher – Sarah Cooper, Massage Therapist – Em Edgecombe, Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapist – Katrine Thompson.

Part payment plans are welcome:

To Arrange Please email

“To meet people where they are, without any conditions, is to meet my own self without conditions”


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Primary School Program

Primary School Program

Primary School program created by Tammy Reid to provide primary school children with the skills to manage their own mental wellbeing when faced with adversity.

An Introduction to the Method used in the Mental Resilience Program

Tammy is an educator passionate about fostering independent thinkers who themselves have the tools to face adversity.  She facilitates a simple method in Schools throughout Australia.  This program can be delivered individually, to small groups or in a whole school context.

This simple method will allow your child to identify that no matter what happens they have the power to manage their own emotions. They will discover how to do this and realise for themselves that despite what may have happened they control their thoughts and feelings.

In weekly group sessions children will learn how to identify what they were “thinking” during or after a stressful “bullying” situation and discover the “cause” of their stress.

Every program is developed in consultation with the group or school to meet the needs of those children and within the context in which adversity is experienced. Children learn the method and then take it into their lives for a trial run. Numerous sessions are required to debrief, go over the method, answering questions and fine-tune the implementation of this new, yet simple method.

Throughout the program children learn to facilitate one another and develop a network of friends they can call to practice what they have learnt and in this way support one another toward a daily or weekly practice. 

Bullyproof: Resilience Program for Children
Tammy Reid facilitates Matthew to do “The Work” on an incident of Name Calling that he experienced.

Your Facilitator – Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid is a qualified teacher with two decades of experience managing challenging behaviours for Education Qld and Autism Qld. Passionate about fostering independent thinkers who have the resilience and tools to manage adversity, Tammy now facilitates a process for children to find their smile again if life or others disappoint. 

Tammy is a skilled facilitator who works with individuals, couples, children, teenagers, teachers, businessmen and women, providing them with a process of Self-Inquiry, to untangle difficulties in life. Tammy’s genuine love for people is felt and it is her desire that everyone experience The Work and learn a way to care for their own mental wellbeing.  She facilitates with compassion and understanding offering online sessions as well as face to face consultations in Coffs Harbour, NSW and the Gold Coast, QLD. Annual Retreats, Workshops, School Programs and Training throughout Australia.

Tammy Reid – Speaker, Educator, Facilitator, Founder