Navigating Parenting

 Navigating Parenting will offer you a tool to discover your own answers and meet the greatest parent you’ll ever meet – you!   Anyone with an open mind can use this tool. All that is required is your participation. Parenting is an ongoing navigation and we all do it differently. Come and find your way to navigate parenting.   

Navigating Parenting: Thursdays 10am-12am

Navigating Parenting Content:

Parenting is difficult enough without the extra stress of second guessing what you are doing and whether it is enough.  This weekly offering will give you a method to use when you feel stressed by the pressures of parenting. Join other parents to learn this method in a supportive environment and experience less stress!

You will learn “The Work of Byron Katie” which is a practice to identify and then question any stressful thoughts that arise.

The Work of Byron Katie is a practice to meet thoughts with understanding.  Rather than attempting to control reality, people or circumstances that you may want to be different, you can question your thoughts about those people and those circumstances and you may come to see that it was your concepts that were the cause of your limitations not anything outside of you!

You are who you’ve been looking for! This practice is a way to live in harmony with the way things are, as they are. For more about The Work of Byron Katie visit

Your Facilitator: Tammy Reid

Your facilitator, Tammy Reid has 18+ years working as an educator with children with challenging behaviours and discovered a simple method to reduce stress for parents, teens and children. Tammy knows that giving people her insights is of little value; instead she offers a tool that can give you your own answers. Tammy has founded Doing What Works for your Peace of Mind to share this simple, yet powerful practice of Self-Inquiry for Stress Reduction.

Join Tammy Reid, a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, with extensive experience. Twice a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, Tammy is an Approved Helpline Facilitator for the Institute for The Work, which is the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie.

Tammy is now in Private Practice in Coffs Harbour on the First Floor of the Jack Simmons Centre: Doing What Works.

Questions? Want to find out more? Call Tammy 0417 708 388

“There are two ways to live this out: one is Loving What Is, the other is to be at war with it”

Byron Katie