Primary School Program

Primary School Program

Primary School program created by Tammy Reid to provide primary school children with the skills to manage their own mental wellbeing when faced with adversity.

An Introduction to the Method used in the Mental Resilience Program

Tammy is an educator passionate about fostering independent thinkers who themselves have the tools to face adversity.  She facilitates a simple method in Schools throughout Australia.  This program can be delivered individually, to small groups or in a whole school context.

This simple method will allow your child to identify that no matter what happens they have the power to manage their own emotions. They will discover how to do this and realise for themselves that despite what may have happened they control their thoughts and feelings.

In weekly group sessions children will learn how to identify what they were “thinking” during or after a stressful “bullying” situation and discover the “cause” of their stress.

Every program is developed in consultation with the group or school to meet the needs of those children and within the context in which adversity is experienced. Children learn the method and then take it into their lives for a trial run. Numerous sessions are required to debrief, go over the method, answering questions and fine-tune the implementation of this new, yet simple method.

Throughout the program children learn to facilitate one another and develop a network of friends they can call to practice what they have learnt and in this way support one another toward a daily or weekly practice. 

Bullyproof: Resilience Program for Children
Tammy Reid facilitates Matthew to do “The Work” on an incident of Name Calling that he experienced.

Your Facilitator – Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid is a qualified teacher with two decades of experience managing challenging behaviours for Education Qld and Autism Qld. Passionate about fostering independent thinkers who have the resilience and tools to manage adversity, Tammy now facilitates a process for children to find their smile again if life or others disappoint. 

Tammy is a skilled facilitator who works with individuals, couples, children, teenagers, teachers, businessmen and women, providing them with a process of Self-Inquiry, to untangle difficulties in life. Tammy’s genuine love for people is felt and it is her desire that everyone experience The Work and learn a way to care for their own mental wellbeing.  She facilitates with compassion and understanding offering online sessions as well as face to face consultations in Coffs Harbour, NSW and the Gold Coast, QLD. Annual Retreats, Workshops, School Programs and Training throughout Australia.

Tammy Reid – Speaker, Educator, Facilitator, Founder