Loving What is…..

When there is no internal struggle within yourself, you are at Peace with you – exactly as you are, with others – exactly as they are and with the world – exactly as it is – Loving What is.

Some of us have learned to accept what is, and I invite you to go further, to actually love what is. This is our natural state. Freedom is our birthright.

“A Mind at Home with Itself” by Byron Katie


VENUE: Loft & Earth, 70 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

SATURDAY 9am-5pm
SUNDAY 9am- 5pm
August 3 & 4

Investment $300

Existing Client Discount $250

Exisiting Clients, Concessions or those requiring Payment Plans or Sponsorship please contact Tammy directly either by phone 0417 708 388 or email

This Workshop is based on The Work of Byron Katie facilitated by Tammy Reid

What is The Work of Byron Katie?

The Work is an experiencial modality in which thoughts are identified, expressed and questioned, resulting in an awareness of projected identification. The Work is self-directed and does not even need a facilitator. It is yours to keep and everything you need is always available for free at

Workshop Content:

This Weekend learn a way of living in harmony with life as it is. This method is an undoing, allowing the mind to return to its true nature. All Welcome, experienced or new to The Work of Byron Katie.

  • Discover a way to relate to yourself with loving kindness and peace, ending the inner turmoil, which is so often the cause of stress. 
  • Exploring –  “what thoughts would move you away from being you?”
  • Undoing – It’s a matter of “undoing” what is not true for you, rather than becoming, it is a remembering. A simple practice which you will learn over the weekend.
  • Experience The Work of Byron Katie facilitated by Tammy Reid.
  • The Work of Byron Katie is the “How” – It shows you how to identify and question any thought that would keep you from freedom. Great spiritual texts describe “what” it means to be free and “The Work” is the “How”.
  • Self-Inquiry & Meditation: Identify the stories that may have moved you away from living and being true to yourself. Every step of The Work is meditation.
  • Facilitate The Work of Byron Katie Share the process of Self-Inquiry with others learning to both facilitate as well as be facilitated in this practice.
  • Move your Body – A unique Body Movement Practice created and facilitated by Tammy Reid will be shared throughout the Weekend to mix up sitting with Movement for your Soul. This practice allows you to leave the mind and let your body do what it naturally knows what to do when the mind is not overriding it.
  • Expect laughter !

“If you find internal work exciting, you won’t find anything that can’t be solved from the inside.”

BYRON KATIE, A Mind at Home with Itself

About your Facilitator:

This Workshop provides you with a facilitator – it is powerful to have a witness to what you have been thinking and believing. The simple structure of The Work’s four basic self-inquiry questions and it’s reversal technique, “the turnaround”, entrusts the process to the client, and with an experienced facilitator there is no imposing of the facilitator’s values or opinions.

Tammy Reid – Facilitator


Tammy has made The Work of Byron Katie an integral part of her life and living since 2004. Tammy founded Doing What Works in 2016 to share The Work of Byron Katie, an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process, for you to discover your own truth.

Tammy Reid, B.A. (Hons), Dip.Ed, is a teacher with extensive experience working with children, families and educators, for the past 20 years. With a diverse background Tammy is also a Yoga Teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist.

Tammy is currently completing her Certification with the Institute for The Work, which is the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie. Now Qualified to serve on the Helpline for the Institute for The Work, Tammy is twice a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, and has had the privilege of being facilitated directly by Byron Katie.

As a facilitator of The Work, Tammy works with individuals, couples, children, teenagers, teachers, businessmen and women, providing them with this process of Self-Inquiry, so they can use this practice to untangle difficulties in their life for their own peace of mind. Tammy’s genuine love for people is felt. She facilitates with compassion and understanding in private practice in Coffs Harbour, NSW and on the Gold Coast in Queensland as well as offering sessions online worldwide.

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“Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to change the world so that they can be happy. This hasn’t ever worked, because it approaches the problem backward. What The Work gives us is a way to change the projector – mind – rather than the projected. It’s like when there’s a piece of lint on a projector’s lens. We think there’s a flaw on the screen, and we try to change this person and that person, whomever the flaw appears on next. But it’s futile to try to change the projected images. Once we realise where the lint is, we can clear the lens itself. This is the end of suffering and the beginning of a little joy in paradise.”

– Byron Katie, Loving What Is