About Tammy

Tammy Reid

B.A. (Honours), Dip.Ed.

Tammy Reid is an educator with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Drama) and Diploma in Education. Tammy has extensive experience teaching in both private and public sectors, working with children, teens, parents and educators, for the past 20 years. 

Tammy led Family Intervention Programs, Siblings Groups and Consultancy Services at Autism Queensland and was an Advisory Visiting Teacher for Education Queensland providing training for teachers before establishing her own consultancy business, ASD Approaches in 2015 and becoming an Early Intervention Service Provider as part of the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Package from 2016-2018, an Initiative from the Australian Government, Department of Social Services.

Following 20+ years working with parents, educators and children with “challenging behaviours” Tammy closed ASD Approaches and founded Doing What Works, in 2016to share a method, which she has been using, with success, since 2004.

Now instead of giving strategies Tammy facilitates The Work of Byron Katie to lead individuals to find their own answers to life situations that create stress, so that inner peace can return.

Tammy Reid facilitates The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie is a way to meet reality with clarity, a way for you to relate to yourself with loving kindness and peace, ending the inner turmoil, which is so often the cause of stress.  Tammy has made The Work of Byron Katie an integral part of her life and living. Tammy is currently completing her Certification with the Institute for The Work, which is the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie. She is an approved Helpline Volunteer for the Institute for The Work. She is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work and has been facilitated directly by Byron Katie.

Tammy is now in Private Practice on the Gold Coast

Tammy is a facilitator who works with individuals, couples, children, teenagers, teachers, businessmen and women, providing them with this process of Self-Inquiry, so they can use this practice to untangle difficulties in their life for their own peace of mind. Tammy’s genuine love for people is felt, she facilitates in Coffs Harbour, the Gold Coast and also online anywhere in the world.

Programs available for Primary and Secondary Schools

Tammy facilitates programs for Primary and Secondary students to learn to manage their own mental wellbeing.  Tammy is passionate about bringing this simple method of Self-Inquiry into schools for children and teens to find their smile again if life or others disappoint them. The Work of Byron Katie is a simple way to question the thoughts that are the cause of stress and anyone with an open mind can do it.

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