Teenage Program

Teenage Program for Secondary School Students: A Teenager’s Guide to freedom from mental stress and peer pressure. 

Life happens.

When things don’t go our way and we can’t seem to get what we want, we would like to change external circumstances, even people at times. We know we can’t always control what’s happening nor can we change people and this can leave us feeling hopeless. Sometimes this can get us down and we can end up feeling frustrated with life and the people in it, sometimes even ourselves when we judge our attempts as futile.

What if there was a way we could be free from the stress of all this?

What if there was a simple process that you could learn to be in harmony with the way things and people are?

There is a way.  All you need is paper, a pen and an open mind.

A Registered Teacher with 20+years experience working with children, teens, parents and educators, Tammy Reid is bringing a simple method of Self-Inquiry into Secondary Schools for teenagers to question the thoughts that are the cause of stress and anyone with an open mind can do it.

Learn this method and use it to achieve peace of mind.