“I first met Tammy in one of my Workshops over 10 years ago.  Since the beginning Tammy has been passionate about The Work and made it an integral aspect of her life and living.  She has clearly born the fruits of her commitment.  She is a joy-filled inspiration and a gift to work with. Her  authenticity shines.  I am excited and delighted that she has decided to share this gift (The Work) with others.”

Rosie Stave, Certified Facilitator – The Work of Byron Katie            www.theworkwithrosie.com


” Thank you for a freeing session on Tuesday. I felt like a weight has been lifted off me. It was great to meet some other parents and hear their issues also.”

Mother of two boys and Business owner.


“Really appreciate your extended meeting and different approach.  So good to meet people who are top of their game, can run a discussion like that and mould it to suit the emotions/needs on the day, instead of following a set script. You need to know your stuff for that. Still a ways to go, but am loving the start.  Thanks again, and I look forward to the future… which I thought was pretty set in… and now see it evolving.. exciting!”

Business Owner, Husband, Father of Two Boys.


“I just wanted to thank you for the workshop.  It was so beneficial to be in a circle of women who were so open about the challenges they face on a daily basis.  It helped me to put the challenges in my own life into perspective and know there are other Mums out there with whom I have that mutual understanding and who I can connect with. I can see how The Work is a lifelong practice.  It was great to have a taste of the effect it can have.  In the last exercise in particular, I felt a sudden jolt when I had the deep realisation that my belief (‘I am not good enough’) is not true. I am still integrating that and working out what it means for me in daily life.  It can feel overwhelming and scary to step into the light!  Thanks for the very open, organised way that you facilitated.”

Mother of two boys.