PEACE OF MIND: The Work of Byron Katie

What if you could find a simple way to embrace life with joy, stop arguing with reality and achieve serenity in the midst of chaos?

This ONE DAY WORKSHOP is a Mental Cleanse, an undoing of the mind, decluttering, creating space and opening to Peace.

Peace of Mind is when there is no internal struggle within yourself. You are at Peace with you, with others and with the world exactly as it is.

In this Workshop we do our inner work. Peace is an inside job.
We only deal with the Stressful Thoughts – (keep the Peaceful ones!) Discover a way to Manage Stressful Thinking in any Circumstance. Deal with the cause: thoughts.

Tammy facilitates an Inquiry Based Stress Reduction technique known as “The Work of Byron Katie”. Byron Katie would say “it is not what happens to us that causes stress, it is our thoughts about what happens.”

The Work is a process of identifying the thoughts that are the cause of stress and questioning them. A simple method that anyone can use to untangle difficulties in work, love, family and at the same time it opens the deepest connection to your unconditional loving self. We ask and answer with the heart.

Tammy is passionate about making this simple yet powerful method available to everyone. The Weekend intensive will give you the foundation in the practice which you can then facilitate for yourself. The Work is meditation and you will enjoy relaxation over the weekend as you enquire into the depths of yourself to discover the knowing always available to you. No teacher needed, no advice given, no problems solved. Tammy through her experience of ‘The Work’ will share this method with you.

A safe loving space for you to unravel – it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you.

Call Tammy directly on 0417708388 if you have any questions.

Cost: $110 (Bring your own lunch)

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES/CONCESSIONS: Tammy does provide concessions to those in need who would like to attend – please phone her directly on 0417 708 388 to discuss.